Information about 22nd International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Eletric Vehicle.

Dates October 23 - 28, 2006

Venue Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan

Hosted by
Japan Automobile Research Institute

In cooperation with
Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific
World Electric Vehicle Association

Sponsored by
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
Ministry for the Environment
Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama City

Supported by
Battery Association of Japan
Engineering Advancement Association of Japan
The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Highway Industry Development Organization
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Garmin Sat Nav 
The Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Japan Eco-Service Stations Association
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association
The Japan Gas Association
The Japan Iron and Steel Federation
Japan Trucking Association
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
New Energy Foundation
Alt Energy
Japan Bus Association
Organization for the Promotion of Low Emission Vehicles
Petroleum Association of Japan
Petroleum Energy Center
The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan

The Chemical Society of Japan
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tokyo Section
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan
The Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers
Japan Society of Energy and Resources
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Japan Society for Simulation Technology

Alt Energy Solar power 
The Japan Institute of Power Electronics
The Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetic and Mechanics
The Robotics Society of Japan
The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

Striving for an environmentally friendly vehicle society
Our present day motorized society has various issues including auto emissions linked to air pollution and global warming, noise, our dependency on oil, and traffic congestion. The electric vehicles including battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles possess the exceptional qualities of having zero or low emissions, and being highly efficient, energy-saving and quiet. There are great expectations for there to be an increase in the prevalence of EVs. In the name of driving on our beautiful Earth for years to come, EVS is pushing ahead for a new and ideal motorized society.

Broader and Deeper
With leading-edge and diversified presentations for specialists at the core, EVS-22 will convey the appeals of electric vehicles for the society at large, through exposition, ride & drive and other events in which the general public can participate.

In the midst of the Asian automobile market continuing its rapid growth, the role played by electric vehicles, which reduce the burden on the environment, is gaining momentum. EVS-22 proposes a clean and sustainable mobility aimed at people, cities, countries, regions and the world.


Yokohama is an intriguing city, blessed with both a unique historical sense and also a spirit of innovation. There are many tourist spots both within Yokohama and also in nearby Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone and Nikko, where you can enjoy the distinct new and old of Japan, and also the evolving Japan.

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau

For the next-generation motorized society contributing to the "sustainability of the environment, energy and industry"

The EVS: International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition is the world's largest international symposium of its kind. The first symposium was held in 1969 in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, and will celebrate its 22nd symposium in 2006.

Affiliated with the World Electric Vehicle Association, the symposium has been organized alternatively among Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This will be the second time for Japan to host EVS since 1996.